Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fabulous Fall

This fall this is shaping up to be a great one for new books! I've been busily reading all the advance copies I can get my hands on, and here are a smattering of my favorites coming out soon (so far):

  1. The title I am most excited about is Await Your Reply, by Dan Chaon (due out August 1st). I probably never would have noticed it in our big stack of advance copies, but at the urging of our Random House rep, I read it last weekend. I am so glad I did! This is an amazing book, by a wonderful writer. There are 3 storylines, each about 2 people, seemingly unconnected. Each storyline is fascinating in itself, but when they all come together (which I wasn't sure was going to happen), you will be astounded. This book comes out on August 25th, and is sure to be one our top-sellers this fall (if I have anything to say about it!).
  2. Next up, coming out a month later (September 22nd), is Year of the Flood, by master poet and writer extraordinaire Margaret Atwood. This is a companion novel to her 2004 book Oryx & Crake, both satirical and dystopian views of a future that could easily come to be.
  3. Coming out later in the year (December) is The Kingdom of Ohio, by Matthew Flaming. This is a fantastical tale set at the turn of the last century, concerning a young woman who mysteriously appears in New York City, and how her life intersects with Peter Force, a subway worker (as in, he's helping to excavate the tunnels). Throw in guest appearances by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, & J.P Morgan, and the result is a riveting story about the mythical (or is it?), little known, Kingdom of Ohio.
  4. Fire, by Kristin Cashore, is the eagerly anticipated prequel to the bestselling YA novel Graceling, which is a favorite of many of us on staff. Fire (due October 1st) is the eponymous story of a young woman who is a "human monster", ("monster" being the term given to animals and people who possess brilliant plumage/hair/fur and great physical beauty, as well as some unusual mental powers). Fire is the last human monster, and as her father was a monster in every (bad) sense of the word, she is determined to use her powers for good, or not at all. A wonderful story all on its own, you needn't have read Graceling (which comes out in paperback on September 7th) to understand this book (but you really should read it, because it's AWESOME). Also, read Kristin's blog, because it's charming and witty and wonderful. And also again, we've just received word that she's coming here on October 8th to do a reading and signing!!
  5. Coming on September 17th is David Byrne's new book, Bicycle Diaries, in which he writes about some of the major world cities which he's viewed (over the last 30 years) from a bicycle. Witty and entertaining, and also thought-provoking!
Happy Reading!


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