Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air with some of our store's favorite Valentines Day staff picks! It's a day you can share with everyone in your life, no matter how close or far away they may be! Happy heart day!

I LIKE YOU by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

"A small book with a single message amplified and illustrated with cartoon-style drawings."

A perfect little gift for anyone you like! Captures the wonder of the relationship! A classic must read!


WAG by Patrick McDonnell

"It seems that everything gets Earl's tail wagging--a bowl of food, a field of flowers, long walks, and belly rubs. But Mooch, Earl's best friend, knows what all of these things have in common: love is what makes Earl's tail wag. Patrick McDonnell, creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip, Mutts, pays an incredibly sweet tribute to his dog in a tale of wiggling and waggling, fwipping and fwapping...and every dog's secret to the joy of life."

One of my favorite books by Patrick mcDonnell!



"It’s only a week until Valentine’s Day, and Lily wants to make the perfect heart-shaped valentine for Mommy. But every time she cuts out a heart, it’s either too pointy, too round, or too skinny. As the days go by, Lily tries again and again, and when Valentine’s Day finally arrives, she has a heart for each day of the week! Which one will be the perfect valentine surprise for Mommy?"

The cutest, most endearing book of family love for the season!


MONDAY HEARTS for Madalene by Page Hodil

"When a person falls in love, the universe—and everything in it—come vividly alive. It happened to San Francisco artist Page Hodel when she found the love of her life, Madalene Rodriguez. She expressed her devotion in an unusual way: Early every Monday morning, Page would create a heart for Madalene and leave it for her to discover somewhere near her front door. Here are photographs of one hundred of Page’s hearts for Madalene, fashioned from a magical, surprising diversity of materials: acorns and asparagus; berries, buttons, and bungee cord; cardboard, clothespins, corks, and candy corn. True love embraces the world, and Page’s art is testimony to its enduring faith."


I love anthologies because they are the bite-sized bits of literature that invariably leads me to an author I've not discovered. true, many of these authors are well known, but there are more to explore. The Checkov is excellent, yet the crwoning glory is Alice Munro's beautiful, tender tear-jerker of an ode to lasting love. Share it with someone special!



A beautiful, stunning collection of love letters & poems! Taking the seemingly most ordinary everyday things, the author shares the wonder of this provocative celebration with simple yet brilliant contemplation! Something to share with everyone of significance in your life!

"Pocket Poem" on page 1 is my favorite!


Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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