Monday, May 18, 2009

Lee Konstantinou - Pop Apocalypse

The Lee Konstantinou event, celebrating the first printing of his debut novel Pop Apocalypse, was as beguiling an event as I have participated in. It was a small event, at which the attendees consisted mainly of Lee's fellow Stanford graduate students that produced no dearth of intellectual commentary and social dissection. And while the conversation was at once stimulating, it also seethed with illicit and cerebral-tingling humor. On a satirical scale, Lee's writing fomented with an exceptional amount of caustic wit. Waggish material was drawn from the plethora of contemporary pop culture that is strewn about us in this our day and age. Lee has collected the absurdities that lurk behind every corner of our cities and has portrayed them in a manner relentlessly amusing, and all his own. From the addlepating assimilation of all things trendy-secular by religious subscribers to the befuddling commodification of name and personhood, one is all but beside themselves at such confounding concoctions that Lee has created in his world on the eve of apocalypse.


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  1. Thanks, Derek. I had lots of fun last week. You've got yourself an awesome bookstore.


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