Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saxon Holt - Grasses and Hardy Succulents

I am a day or so late on this event update, but it was an interesting enough event with such a great guest that I feel it deserving of a quick posting, better late than never anyways.
Saxon Holt, a garden photographer with many publications under his belt, those among them including Grasses and Hardy Succulents, graced a small crowd with an event appearance at Books Inc. in Palo Alto Tuesday May 5th. The event ran more as a discussion about, and critique of the artist's work than a presentation of materials. Composition, lighting, filtering, texture, and the "60-Mintutes" technique were all discussed as the essentials of garden shooting. Old photographs were shown aside new one's exemplifying Saxon's maturation as a photographer and how having a vision can change the possibilities of one's shoot. I was, and am impressed how much passion and humility this artist has retained throughout his career and displayed in his discussion with the aspiring and interested. This was a great event to take part in, and it was a pleasure to converse with such an individual.


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